Stand Out While Fitting In.

Youth today want to differentiate themselves from each other more than ever before.  They use instagram to share unique photos and snapchat to prove they did fun things.  The desire to share expresses individuality.  However, being accepted as part of a group has always been a relationship goal.  Popularity has been a sought-after status since communities first started to give it value.  Young adults want to fit in, but not so much that they disappear.  Understanding how these two desires can both be achieved is complicated.  But the answer can be found at universities.

An example of how this translates to current culture is the customization of college clothing.  Joining a fraternity or sorority is a popular college option, and showing off acceptance by the group can be done by displaying Greek letters on hats, shirts, and pants.  What is most interesting is that once a student acquires the particular letters of their Greek system, they want the logo to be unique.  This demand is so high, in fact, that a custom T-shirt company in Columbia, MO has been in business for 25 years simply to personalize clothing items and cater to students.  Each fraternity or sorority has it’s own letters for identification, but most brothers or sisters wear shirts with completely individual designs.  This is the best way to demonstrate fitting in without disappearing.